Buy This, Not That: Fall Is Around the Corner

Happy Friday Eve! I’m back today sharing a few fall accessories I’ve been lusting over lately. It’s all too easy to scroll through instagram lately and find beautiful things that you want just to find out they are way out of your price range. That’s exactly what my Buy This, Not That series is all about!

I definitely love high end, designer items just as much as the next fashion blogger. However, buying a $1400 bag whenever I want isn’t my reality (if its yours, go you!!) so I have to find alternatives. I am loving this dupe from SheIn. I first posted about SheIn a long time ago and I still love this website. They have so many on trend items for amazing prices. Plus shipping is free, my favorite type of shipping! 🙂 

If cute bags aren’t your thing maybe shoes are? The mule trend is giving me life right now. I love all the different styles out there including these and these if you like a little more flair than the nude ones. What’s so great about this trend is that they are uber comfy and can be worn during late summer and all the way through fall!

Last but not least what’s a fall fashion post without mentioning some super on trend booties? Last year I bought some maroon suede booties I shared about in this post. When I saw the blush ones floating around social media I knew I needed them, now who’s going to hint that to #everydaymr?? We do have an anniversary coming up 🙂


Buy This, Not That Pre Fall



Everyday Instagram

Wow, I can’t believe today is Wednesday! Gotta love a short week thanks to Labor Day. Today I’m interrupting my normal posts about fashion and home decor/diy to talk about something different that’s been on my mind lately. If you are what the industry is calling an “influencer” I’m sure you can agree that the pressure is real when it comes to Instagram. I would even go so far as to say that you feel this pressure even if you aren’t an “influencer” but just regularly post on Instagram. 

I’ve shared with this lovely blogiverse here about the pressure social media brings when it comes to decorating our homes. Well, I’ve realized lately just how much pressure social media can put on our entire lives. You may open up your instagram and see all these lovely spaces with amazingly curated decor or you see the perfect on trend outfit and suddenly you feel discontent. When I open up my instagram I often feel like what I’m posting isn’t the best or what I’m wearing could be better. Could the lighting be better? Could I have edited my post more? Did I say the right words? Is anyone even noticing?

What I’ve come to realize lately is does it really matter? No, no it doesn’t. Are there instagrammers, influencers, bloggers and just plain ole’ people who post better pictures and have the perfectly color/filter coordinated feed than I do? Yes, yes there are. But, are there people that enjoy what I’m putting out there? I believe so, and even more importantly do I enjoy sharing my lifestyle and blog with others? Absolutely! 

I seriously connected with the quote above from Jen Hatmaker’s new book and these thoughts have been itching inside of me ever since. So the next time you post something, try not to be so concerned about how many likes it gets or how many new followers you gain. Instead, focus on if sharing a smidge of your life could make someone smile today, make them laugh, inspire them, or simply connect with them. In the end I believe that is the best part of social media. The fact that we can share our lives with people no matter where in the world they may be. And if you are considering becoming an “influencer” there IS room for you. There is no limit of creators and creatives in this world! So get out there, share your #crappyiphonepics and connect with people!


Omaha Fashion Week: 10th Anniversary

Last week was a fun week to live in Omaha! Why, you ask? It was Omaha Fashion Week! Not only was it OFW, but it was their 10th anniversary season. 

I had the chance to attend as press Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night’s runway shows. 

It was so fun to be able to dress a little fancier, see some of my other fave bloggers and meet some new ones as well!

I absolutely loved this dress from my fave fashion truck. It fit so well and was surprisingly very comfortable! To shop this dress check it out at Hello Ruby!

My favorite looks of the ones I saw were from Thursday night’s runway. I loved Michael Drummond’s line as well as the “Fine Elements” line from Rebel Vogue and RF Look. 

Love the ethereal vibes from the Fine Elements line, like the green tulle dress above. 

And how perfect is this edgy glam look from Michael Drummond?

Friday nights runway was dedicated to the 10 years of Omaha Fashion Week. The runway show debuted some of the looks from each year of OFW’s runway. It was so fun to look back and also see the evolution of fashion over 10 years!

Loved this line from several years back with the newspaper details that the designer incorporated.

It was a great week of Omaha Fashion Week. It was so cool to see how much OFW has evolved over the past 10 years, it will be fun to see it continue to evolve over the next 10. Remember to follow me on Instagram @everydaymrsblog to follow along with my stories of events I’m attending!

To check out other fashion shows I’ve been to check out KCFW here and here, and ones from Austin here and here!

Wear Now Fall Fashion + Giveaway

It’s Friday and I have some amazing wear now fall fashion pieces to share with you! Not only are we talking fashion today but I’ve teamed up with my fave fashion truck and an amazing coffee shop for a giveaway!

wear now fall fashion

With the weather being so up and down lately it’s hard to know how to dress. I’m loving the new pieces Jill from Hello Ruby picked up in Vegas for the fall season! So many of them are easily “wear now” pieces. Either by themselves or layered. 

wear now fall fashion

Fall is all about flannels right? Love a fun take on a fall basic. How amazing are those grommets??

wear now fall fashion

As I’ve shared so many times fall is my favorite season when it comes to fashion. I love all the details, layering and jewel tones. Hello Ruby knocked it out of the park with this one, the detail on this sweater is to die for! It also feels great on and is fairly lightweight. 

wear now fall fashion

And of course every fall wear now look needs some amazing coffee from Crane Coffee to go with it because #basic.

wear now fall fashion

And how about the detail on this cute, simple pink tee? I think I would wear this one out! Also, you can see the grommet detail of this flannel that I was wearing in the first picture. Which of these pieces would you love to wear now?? 

P.S. All tops are linked above!

This giveaway runs through Monday, August 28th at 12pm CST. To enter find a post with one of these pics on my instagram @everydaymrsblog